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The company RAUCH SPEKTRUM s.r.o. developes, produces, installs, repairs and reconstructs the technological equipment for the food industry. With regard to long- time tradition and our experienced employees we have specialized in developing and producting devices for smoking, drying and ripening of meat products, meat, poultry, fish and cheese products.

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Automatic smoke-generator Natural

  • Smoking is one of the oldest known ways of meat treatment and conservation. Using of smoke causes pleasant change in sensory qualities or, in other words, bactericidal effect of the smoke represses undesired microflora on the products` surface and thereby prolongs their stability.
  • An automatic Smoke-generator Natural is used to produce a smoke with qualities optimal for food smoking. Thanks to this, constant results of smoking in all parts of the installation and in all consecutive batch productions are guaranteed.
  • Smoke produced by this intelligent way enables to achieve optimal sensory quality of the product and minimalizes the creation of carcinogens, which negatively influence consumer`s health, and are typical for uncontrolled `wild` smoking or, better said, when Smoke-generator Naturals without regulation are used.
  • Automatic wood chip Smoke-generator Natural– the smoke is produced when the wood chip smolders on a special furnace grate. The temperature is regulated by electric coil ignition, air supply and by revolutions and period of the wood chip poker. The regulation of the installation`s parameters controls the concentration, density and quantity of the smoke and therefore product`s sensory qualities according to the customer`s requirements are acquired. The installation includes a detector of minimal level of the wood chip in the tank; the machine operator is warned when refueling is needed.

  • The installation is, unlike other installations and their Smoke-generator Naturals, very reliable, low-maintenance and easy to wash. It is also very quiet, safe, without undesirable vibrations and wear of moving parts. The installation is universal and can be used in hot and cold smoking.
  • Wood chip should be made of hardwood in the required fraction size, dry, without smell, crust, foreign substances, dirt and should be stored in a dry place. Using a badly-stored wood chip that smells after mold negatively influences the smell of the smoke and afterwards the smell and taste of the product.

  • The use of wet wood chip (as some producers recommend) is a sign of deficit construction of the Smoke-generator Natural or, in other words, it is an effort to compensate its incorrect running because of the inability to regulate smoke-producer`s parameters at an optimal temperature. The smoke produced with high value of water steam involves no required sensory qualities, nor the effectiveness of the smoking on the smoked products` surface.
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