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The company RAUCH SPEKTRUM s.r.o. developes, produces, installs, repairs and reconstructs the technological equipment for the food industry. With regard to long- time tradition and our experienced employees we have specialized in developing and producting devices for smoking, drying and ripening of meat products, meat, poultry, fish and cheese products.

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Udiarenské komory - Rauchspektrum
Doplnková výroba - Rauchspektrum
Umývačka údiarenských palíc - Rauchspektrum
Udiarenské komory - Rauchspektrum
Udiarenské komory - Rauchspektrum
Udiarenský vozík - Rauchspektrum
Univerzálna udiarenská komora -  RAUCH SPEKTRUM
Univerzálna udiarenská komora HYBRID -  RAUCH SPEKTRUM